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Monday, November 23, 2015

5 Most Important Skills to have BEFORE the Zombie Apocalypse Happens

What happens when the zombie apocalypse starts?  What if you are caught in the middle of it and you have to live in a place where you are the only survivor.  Not only do you have to deal with all those flesh eating monsters each day but you have to eek out a living by surviving on the skills you have right now.  

No, don’t say it’s impossible! There’s nothing impossible in this cruel world. A Zombie Apocalypse is only one mad scientist away from being a reality.

Let’s imagine it like this. A helicopter carrying a gallon of what we will call the "T virus" crashes.  The virus leaks out and was mixed with spring water that is used by a popular drinking water plant company any where in the world. In a short time, the company has already distributed the virus through drinking water they sold to all of it's retail outlets world wide.  

It sounds far fetched but it was the best scenario I could come up with on short notice so give me a break.  It would be that easy to start the Zombie Apocalypse world wide.  What kind of predicament would you be in then?  Could you survive?  Would you have the necessary skills to survive?  What skills do you have?  All of these are very important questions you should ask yourself before the zombie apocalypse starts because once it does it's too late.   

Basic Self-defense
This one is the most important thing to have before the zombie apocalypse starts, but please don’t force it. You don’t need to be a parkour master or a martial art teacher when facing zombies. Basic self-defense is enough to immobilize zombie. Zombies are usually slow footed, clumsy, and with limited intelligence. Basically just trip them to the ground and run for now.  As long as you know how to defense yourself, the next step you will need  to learn is to improvise and use objects around you to enhance your skills. Above of all, you need to have strong will of life and infinite courage to fight zombie.

Basic Hunting & Farming
According to zombie apocalypse movies it is really hard to find proper foot material in that kind of situation, especially when you don’t know how to get it. McDonald's and Burger King don't count as "knowing how" either.  Now it’s the perfect time to learn some basic farming and hunting. You can start by planting some organic vegetables like potatoes, corn, and tomatoes.  These crops need little day to day "love" except for watering.  Within a few weeks  you'll have your own food source.  For hunting, you can start by entering a hunter education course, also known as hunter education course. This course can give you a double advantage because you will learn how to hunt and you will learn how to use a gun safely.

Basic Home Cooking
After we know the basic hunting and farming skills for gathering some ingredients, now it is the time to learn how to cook them. You don't need to be a master chef, just starts to learn the basic home cooking skills for now. But, it will better if you also know several tricks related to basic home cooking, for example how to preserve fish longer with natural ingredients or to cook chicken until it's completely done to avoid salmonella.

Basic Electricity
Can you adapt to the darkness and go with no electricity for a few days? If you can't, then I suggest you start to learn this skill. Why do we need it? Because in a zombie apocalypse you will have to generate your own electricity for daily use OR go without. It is better to learn the basic beforehand. You can start by learning how to use and run the additional power supply like generator for example. This looks like a simple thing, but the more you know about it the better chance you'll have of making it work when you need it.

Basic Medical
The last, and certainly not least is basic medical skill. No matter how good you get at the other skills, there's always a chance you will get hurt. By knowing how to take care wounds or being able to do some basic aid measures to yourself and others, you will increase the chance of survival longer than anyone else.

As the old saying goes "a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" fits with the zombie apocalypse too.  If you are ready with these 5 skills then your ounce of prevention will be worth a ton of cure when the world goes to ruin.

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